About Us

Humanics is a leading search and outsourcing firm that offers a suite of services to HR departments and providing them with not only personnel but also other related services. Our diverse products and services range from Search & Placement, Payroll, Benefits administration and more! We distinguish ourselves by the combination of our skills and wealth of experience; our client-focused consultants and diversification of services offered.

In addition to our search services, we have worked and partnered with organizations to optimize their sourcing efforts and implementing strategies that optimize various channels of recruitment and building up their brand. In the past, we have helped both local and foreign companies in personnel procurement during their setting up. By giving them quality information and guidance, we have helped with the initial staffing and orientation of new local and foreign hires. If you need a company that’s experienced in business formation hiring, offering good service and advice during set-up we can help. We understand that starting a business is like a chess game; success starts with a precise and correct move. By engaging our services, it is like the right step forward.

Due to overseas demand, we have also placed local expertise overseas into neighboring countries as well as China and India in challenging roles. When you have operations based in other countries and have the need for professionals to help in the process, it makes sense for you to have a company to understand your work place. Our consultants have the experience in coordinating the logistics of welcoming and ensuring that they are prepared to work overseas in your offshore operations.